Scheduled Monuments- Full Report

Summary Description of a Scheduled Monument

Reference Number
Moated Site at Coed-y-Fedw  
Date of Designation


Unitary Authority
Mitchel Troy  

Broad Class
Site Type
Moated Site  


Summary Description and Reason for Designation
The following provides a general description of the Scheduled Ancient Monument. The monument comprises the remains of a medieval moated site, situated in improved pasture on the rounded summit of the slopes above a small NE-flowing tributary of the River Trothy. The moated site measures roughly 25m from NE to SW by up to 24m transversely, within a moat that measures about 4m in breadth where best preserved and about 0.3m in depth. The raised mound stands about 1.3m in height; subrectangular on plan, it measures 18m on its NE side and 24m on its SW side. The moat is most distinct on the NE side, where it is also broken by a raised trackway or causeway that joins the mound on its NW side. The moat may have been a dry ditch, for its position on a rounded summit is unusual. The surrounding field also contains several relic field boundaries and possible traces of ridge and furrow; and a slight terraced platform situated downslope and about 50m to the NE of the moated site. This platform measures about 26m from NW to SE by 16m transversely and contains the partial remains of what is probably a garden enclosure. The monument is of national importance for its potential to enhance our knowledge of medieval defensive organisation. The monument forms an important element within the wider medieval context and the structure itself may be expected to contain archaeological information in regard to chronology, building techniques and functional detail. The area scheduled comprises the remains described and an area around them within which related evidence may be expected to survive. It is irregular and measures up to 170m from NE to SW by up to 85m transversely.  

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